Cloud Hosting


Highly protected and accessible APPLICATION AND file STORAGE SYSTEM


  • DATA PROTECTION: secure and encrypted storage
  • 24/7 ACCESS TO SOFTWARE AND DATA: connectivity (remote, from home or mobile device including smartphones)
  • REAL TIME FILE SHARING in a secure and backed up environment
  • SAVES THE COST AND HASSLE OF finding, setting up and maintaining a local server
  • 24/7 DATA CENTRE security monitoring and uninterrupted power supply in a climate and temperature controlled environment (ACCESSED BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY)
  • ULTRA MODERN fire suppression system
  • DATA BAKCKUP options
  • 24/7 server maintenance and monitoring
  • SCALABILITY: expand storage or add/remove users as your company data needs change



  • Newly evolving and popular storage option
  • It’s the future of data storage for growing businesses
  • Centralized storage, access and back up of software and data
  • You save on upfront payments for server hardware purchases
  • Seamless and fast transition (example applications like Quickbooks can continue to be available on local desktop but operate on the cloud
  • Can easily share files or make private files invisible to others but available when you want them to become visible
  • Can connect to Quickbooks and access files from home, or any other site with internet
  • Can access files and applications like Quickbooks from a mobile device or your smart phone
  • Peace of mind that your data is in secure storage and monitored to avoid disasters
  • Will not lose storage space for operating system (i. e. Windows) unlike with local servers
  • Data can be easily backed up and recovered
  • Don’t have to worry about researching, purchasing and setting up a server
  • Servers wear and tear and need replacement
  • No need to worry about server maintenance (no charge to you for server related problems/issues)
  • Flexibility:
    • not “stuck” with an increasingly outdated technology
    • free to cancel service unless you sign a contract (usually for a year)
    • choose between full cloud hosting or application only hosting (saves on monthly cost)

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