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Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG Witness server not working

A while back I was having some issues with my Exchange 2010 DAG (Database Availability Groups)
When it was originally configured and tested, everything worked fine. At one point the DAG witness server was moved to a domain controller through the EMC (Exchange Management Console)
Sadly it did not display any errors or warnings, things were not working well after the move…

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Checking Exchange Server 2007,2010 User Mailbox Sizes

If you are like me and you like to keep track of your users’ mailbox sizes Here are two very important PowerShell commands, which I find very useful Both of those two commands will list the following Display Name, LastLoggedOnUserAccount, ItemCount, TotalItemSize, LastLogonTime, LastLogoffTime This command will sort the results by “Mailbox Size” Descending Get-MailboxStatistics […]

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